PALM SPRINGS, Calif – The Power know how to put on a good baseball game before going on the road as they won their 14th game in a row against the Havasu Heat.  The Power had to fight to keep the Heat down late in the game but were able to hold them down to the end off the backs of Miles Halligan and a plethora of key hits and stolen bases.  It was a great day to end the last night of $4 Wine Wednesday, and a good way to build confidence for the upcoming road series.

Miles Halligan started things off for the Power, making the Heat look helpless as he had them eating out of the palm of his hands, throwing a ton of breaking balls that had the Heat chasing left to right.  It was all good until the 3rd inning when the Heat were able to produce some weak grounders that the Power couldn’t get to, which lead to the Heat taking a 2-run lead.  The Power, however, answered right back with a 4-run spot of their own in the bottom of the 3rd after a good chunk of stolen bases and some base hits to score and take lead.  Morgan Weast took the mound for Halligan in the top of the 6th making his Power debut, and was able to produce a debut to remember, striking out the side in fashion.  A couple of Power guys came in as pinch hitters to get some work at the plate and on the field, but after an injury to Brandon Leon after a foul ball hit him in the face, more movement was required in the field.  Dorsey Chatham came in to pitch the 7th inning, but the Leon injury had the Heat smelling blood in the water and took advantage of the fractured field scoring two in the 8th, trailing only by one.  Matt Swilley, however, kept it that way making his Power debut as well, showing off the cannon of an arm he has and taking care of the Heat lineup with ease for the save and Power’s 25th victory.

The Power are going on the road tomorrow for a double header against the Inland Valley Bucs and the Inland Valley Pirates, hoping to come back home with 2 more victories in their stat line.  They’ll be back Friday and Palm Springs Stadium for the last regular season game before moving into the championship series on Saturday against the Inland Valley Bucs.  Game time on Friday will be at 7 PM, with gates opening at 6 PM.