Host a Player or Intern

Each summer, the POWER family asks your family to open up your house and allow a player to stay with you throughout the season. This is an opportunity to be a part of making a collegiate athlete’s summer in the desert a great one.

The host families are not responsible for feeding the players, providing transportation for the players or any finances. We only ask that you provide them their own sleeping quarters such as an extra bedroom, den, or even a guest casita. The players are required to live under your rules and to be a responsible member of the household including picking up after themselves.

The host family program has been such a success over the past few years that many families not only develop great friendships with the players, but their families as well. These collegiate All-Stars are not only great role models for young kids, but provide additional company for families without children too.

Two POWER interns with their host family at Palm Springs Villagefest

We are actively trying to place our players and interns in homes that will that will help us develop these athletes not only into top baseball players, but quality individuals.

The host family schedule will be from May 15th – August 10th, 2013. Most of their days throughout the summer are spent working out, practicing, playing in games or participating in a number of required community service events throughout the desert.

If being a host family interests you and your family, the POWER would love to hear from you.

Host families are needed for the Palm Springs POWER players and interns in the summer, but we are always looking for host families for any time. Our seasonal internships require us to house individuals in nearly every calendar month. Although the summer is our time of greatest need, the fall months of October through December, the winter months of January through March, and the springs months of April through May, are also times of need.

Who knows, you could be the summer family of a future major league ballplayer or executive! For more information or to become a host family, please contact Andrew Starke at (760) 778-HITS (4487) or by email at [email protected].